Vusa Newsletter - 1st quarter 2018

Dear Vusa Supporter
2018 started with much enthusiasm and excitement as we moved into another
year, creating opportunity and providing support for the children of Langa.
New beginnings in Khayelitsha : VUSA has launched in Khayelitsha under the
leadership of Fundile Badi a product of the Connect Rugby Academy. We run in
three schools offering rugby coaching and lessons on Saturday afternoons. The
boys play matches for Busy Bee RFC. This has added depth to our playing
numbers and created a safe environment in Site C, Khayelitsha. We look forward to growing the VUSA programme in this community.


The VUSA Dinner: This was a wonderful event that allowed us to share the VUSA story and hear from former sporting icons Barry Richards and Rob Louw. The evening was held together by the raconteurs Robin Jackman and Trevor Quirk. The event generated income for VUSA; more importantly it allowed for networking from
which we already reaping benefits.

New partners: African Impact , an organisation that places gap students has
recently partnered with us. They place young overseas students in programmes
where they offer their coaching and teaching skills. We look forward to growing
this relationship.

UCT RFC has teamed up with the VUSA. The partnership has proved to have
worked out well this far. Our junior rugby players are being utilised as ball boys
when the Ikey Tigers play their home games during the Varsity Cup. Our kids
love every moment of it. In return, the UCT players help with coaching at Langa
Stadium every Monday and Wednesday at 15:30 to 17:30pm. A really good relationship is being built.
The partnership was officially launched on Saturday 17 March 2018 with an introductory coaching clinic, hosted at the Lutgensvale Sports Fields at Bishops. A group of Ikey players joined the VUSA coaching team to run introductory passing, catching, safe tackling, rucking and securing, and running drills with over 200 learners from the Langa community. Passionate Ikey Tiger and inspiring role model, Khwezi Phuza also shared a short story about his journey and his experience of playing rugby at UCT, inspiring learners to consider the positive
influence that rugby can have on themselves, their friends and their community.

Rugby: Our league fixtures are exciting as they offer us the opportunity to test ourselves against some of the bigger schools, SACS, WBJS, WPPS and Bishops whilst retaining our relationship with other community clubs Primrose, Hamiltons RFC and Collegians RFC.
We have started the rugby season off with restricted field space in Langa due to the drought. This has seen coaches being inventive and proactive using the parking lot and various small patches of grass!

We have been most fortunate to have had coaching clinics run by UCT in launching our partnership, The Hutt International School from New Zealand hosted a brilliant coaching session and we have already had fixtures against touring teams from Australia and the UK. This highlighted the power of sport and the shared passion we have for rugby. Donations of balls and equipment from the various visitors was most appreciated.
An exciting addition to our playing ranks this year has been 3 young girls. They have added a new dimension to the program and have certainly shown their mettle in the games thus far.
On two occasions this year, VUSA players have had the opportunity of a an outing to Newlands to watch the Stormers. This has created much excitement and is a great opportunity for our youngsters.



Academics: Our partnership with Edunova has seen meaningful developments in the academic realm this quarter. It has alleviated the need for transport of pupils to Bishops from Langa and extended the programme to U10s. Basic English and Maths skills are taught in classrooms at the Leap School alongside the Langa stadium, and these skills are reinforced through the use of technology under the guidance of Edunova facilitators. Boys enjoy the classes, and especially enjoy the immediate feedback available to them when working on a laptop. Melanie Handley continues to willingly give of her time to look after the older pupils, while 2018 has seen the welcome addition of Lusenathi Ham, a qualified teacher who hails from Langa, to the academic side of the programme. He will become known on the side of the rugby field too.

News from past pupils: A few of our boys are fortunate to have been selected for
rugby bursaries to the prestigious SACS. Two of them are in High School and two
are at the junior school. Our slogan “an opportunity through sport” is particularly
apt in these cases.

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VUSA offers a wonderful opportunity for corporates to share and collaborate in
ensuring a bright future for our children. As we move ahead with the VUSA
programme it becomes clear that the need in communities is immense and that we
have scope to grow and create more opportunities for children to fulfill their

We have an exciting year ahead and look forward to further creating an inclusive future for all our children.

The VUSA Team