South Africa is a complex country - on the surface the damage is evident – amongst other things, social and economic inequality leads to high crime rates and violence which dominate our headlines BUT scratch a little deeper and we find the real treasure that makes up this beautiful country – that treasure is Ubuntu.

From Bishops to Langa, we are bowled over by random acts of kindness and generosity on a daily basis.

2019 has seen the launch of the VUSA Rugby and Learning Academy Trust. As a newly formed NPO, the VUSA Academy hopes to create lasting impact by creating holistic opportunities for children in the Langa community – currently over 500 children benefit annually by receiving academic support, sport coaching, recreational opportunities and a hot daily meal. The pie in the sky vision is to create a hub of excellence that supports children from creche to tertiary education.

We are often asked what our greatest needs are – in short, as with most NPO’s, our greatest requirement is financial.

Requirements to effectively run our programmes:

  • Employ (and upskill) coaching and teaching staff

  • Transport - to rugby matches and exposure to recreational experiences

  • Donations of food or financial support would greatly assist - children cannot focus or perform on an empty stomach

  • Our creche programmes would greatly benefit from educational toys and books

  • Financial and ‘in kind’ donations for the academic programme (curriculum and stationery)

The High Five campaign was launched to demonstrate that a little goes a long way. Donation of time, expertise or goods make a tangible difference. If it’s a financial contribution you can make – R50, R500 or R5000 all adds up to create real, lasting social impact. To see the joy on a child’s face after scoring their first try and the outward confidence displayed when a child suddenly understand fractions. Seeing the relief in a child’s eyes that they will go to bed with a full tummy – this is what we witness on a daily basis – creating opportunities for children, who due to circumstance, are denied many basic human rights. With a little support we can make an enormous difference Isn’t that a good enough reason to High Five?