11am Monday - Friday

· Exposes pre-school children to vocabulary and basic numeracy skills through movement.

· As well as the physical health benefits, movement plays a big part in building vocabulary.

· Supports early childhood literacy through the Wordworx programme.

· Grade 10 Learners from Bishops Diocesan College volunteer to this programme breaking down preconceived prejudices and facilitating peer learning.


3:30 - 5pm
Monday - Thursday

· Teams participate in the Western Province Rugby League and compete against other participating schools in Cape Town.

· Coaches are employed from within in the community and thus understand the challenges and needs of children they work with.

· Coaching partners include UCT and Bishops Diocesan College


3.30 – 5pm
Monday - Thursday

· English and Math support is provided in addition to the regular school curriculum.

· The programme is run through Edunova.

· Progress is monitored via the online CAMI system



· Passion and dreams are inspired by experiences.

· This programme takes children from the Langa Community on educational and recreational outings, creating experiences they do not ordinarily have access to and exposing them to new opportunities thus creating possibilities for a very different future.



· Every child who attends the VUSA programme receives a hot nutritious meal.